His Excellency Eng. Awaidha Murshed Al Marar, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE), asserted that innovation is the key to finding unconventional solutions to the challenges facing the UAE on its journey towards the next 50. It is a cornerstone of all efforts to accomplish energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

“Innovation plays a pivotal role in leading the UAE’s future-driven system and our wise leadership is making great efforts to promote innovation as a strategy in many sectors, especially in energy, which is a fundamental pillar for achieving sustainable economic development,” H.E. added, speaking on the launch of UAE Innovates 2022. “Innovation can set the stage for game-changing experiments in clean and renewable energy, help develop new efficient and eco-friendly water desalination technologies, and generate new ways to enhance energy efficiency across all sectors, buildings, and facilities. This, in turn, allows us to better cater to the future energy and water needs of the community, as well as to set plans to ensure better results as innovation is implemented across all operations in the sector.


“Innovation is more than a concept; it is a mindset we strive to embed in every employee and member of the community to advance every sector and create new opportunities for all of us in the future,” H.E. Al Marar noted. “As the entity tasked with developing the Abu Dhabi energy sector, the DoE encourages its employees and experts to rely on innovation as a means to achieve our objectives, with innovative policies capable of making a clear impact on Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s energy journey. We aim to put the entire industry on track for unprecedented development with advanced energy technologies across all operational aspects.


“We are confident that innovation is the way forward for development in the UAE, and a powerful means to ensure its economic competitiveness,” H.E. added. “By launching pioneering initiatives to encourage everyone to innovate, we will pave the way for new generations that are committed to innovation and can look forward to much more prosperity for our country.”

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