The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE) has adopted a new policy for the energy sector.

The "Business continuity Policy," which is as per the DoE chairman’s decision no. (44) for 2018, seeks to enhance performance and ensure a safe and sustainable supply in the energy sector.

It is part of the department’s efforts to increase preparedness among entities operating within the energy sector to deal with emergencies and crises, in accordance with the standards set by the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority.

The decision also included cancelling the instructions for business continuity management for drinking water, electricity and sanitation services, issued by the Regulation and Supervision Bureau in 2014 and all the associated guidelines.

The policy is one of the first regulations issued by the DoE since its establishment in February of this year. The department is tasked with ensuring the effective management of emergencies, crises and disasters for the energy sector in Abu Dhabi, in accordance with the provisions of Law No. (11) of 2018 on the Establishment of the Department of Energy, as well as federal and local legislation governing business continuity and management of emergencies, crises and disasters.

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