Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE) has commenced the linkage of all companies and enterprises, registered in the energy sector, to the Hassantuk intelligent protection and control system. Launched by the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense General Command under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior in 2018, the system relies on advanced technology and artificial intelligence to predict risks and provide data and information, 24 hours a day.

The DoE is ensuring that all companies and enterprises in the sector are directly linked with the system as soon as possible. The system provides immediate alarms at the Civil Defense Operations Room to ensure the safety and security of all entities. It helps preserve the safety, health, and lives of employees, and ensures a quick response in times of crisis and emergency.

Eng. Shaima Abdulla Al Mulla, Licensing and Compliance and Consumer Protection Office Director said: "The Hassantuk system enables us to ensure the security and safety of the facilities, buildings and employees working in the energy sector. The energy sector is considered sensitive, given the nature of its business, and we aim to achieve a working environment in which all precautionary measures are followed in accordance with the best quality standards. We strive to ensure business continuity and effective emergency response and handling, avoiding any potential physical, environmental, and human losses. This move also supports our mandate to ensure energy and water security in the emirate."

Al Mulla noted that the DoE had released the necessary regulations and standards for the protection of enterprise security and monitors companies’ compliance through its Health, Safety and Environment management system. It had applied all safeguards and followed precautionary procedures, taking into consideration that linking companies to the Hassantuk system was essential to achieving the goals of the UAE National Agenda 2021. This step was also important to maintain the UAE's status as one of the safest countries in the world, as it promoted sustainability and reduced the rate of accidents and deaths caused by fires and other calamities.

Colonel Eng. Jamal Salem Al-Menhali, Director of the Industrial Protection Department, praised the joint cooperation with the Department of Energy and their keenness to raise the level of security and safety in facilities by linking them to the Hassantuk system. He further stated that this would reduce the response time to fire accidents, ensuring effective firefighting and fire alarm systems in these facilities throughout the year, which will in turn help increase the efficiency and reduce losses to life and property as well as enable business continuity.

Eng. Abdul Rahman Al-Alawi, Health, Safety & Environment Director at DoE, stressed the Department's keenness to develop strategies and plans that guarantee the health and safety of individuals in energy sector companies or energy beneficiaries in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It is also working for the protection of the environment, in accordance with all necessary measures and procedures. He explained that the Department relies on the principle of effective partnerships to achieve tangible goals and considered the Hassantuk system vital to ensuring the security and safety of the energy sector in Abu Dhabi - an overriding strategic consideration.

Lt. Col. Mohammed Khamis Al-Braiki, Director of the Hassantuk project at the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority, praised the Department of Energy’s commitment to utilise the Hassantuk system to boost the safety of facilities, companies and workers. Al-Braiki added that the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority, since its inception, has given priority to focusing on raising the efficiency of firefighting and warning systems in industrial facilities, especially energy companies, because of their importance in day-to-day life and the economy in general.

Ayman Al Sebeyi, General Manager at Hassantuk, said: “Hassantuk is one of the world’s first federal fire and life safety services designed not only to help save lives and property but also to assist organisations like the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy to make and keep their buildings and facilities safe. Hassantuk is proud to share the same values as the DoE and is committed to working with all organisations and businesses across the UAE to further protect lives and property. By sharing the same vision of a safer community and workplace, Hassantuk and the DoE have worked together to connect industrial facilities and headquarters of licensed entities in the energy sector to provide a safer environment for their employees, visitors, and contractors. Hassantuk continues to provide 24x7 round the clock protection for connected buildings, creating a safer, smarter community.”

The DoE organized a workshop in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior’s Hassantuk team in October 2020 to direct all sector companies to comply with the system. Hassantuk is the only system in Abu Dhabi to provide high-resolution information and data on the efficiency of the security and safety systems of buildings linked to the system.

Under the authority of UAE Cabinet Resolution No. 24 of 2012 and Ministerial Resolution No. 505 of 2012, the system provides an additional layer of safety and security in line with UAE Vision 2021, and Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030’s commitment to make the United Arab Emirates one of the safest countries in the world. All building owners across the UAE are legally required to register and subscribe to the Hassantuk system and the full registration instructions and details can be found on the Hassantuk website at www.hassantuk.moi.gov.ae.

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