As part of its commitment to improving electrical services and developing the electricity wiring infrastructure for Abu Dhabi, the Department of Energy (DoE) has issued a revised version of The Electricity Wiring Regulations (EWR) 2020, with the new edition including updated regulations from the previous version released in 2014.

DoE has issued the new regulations pursuant to Law No. (11) of 2018. The revised EWR contain updates on information issued by the former Regulation and Supervision Bureau in Abu Dhabi, as well as updates to the effective dates of a number of provisions. All reference tables in the appendices have been updated to capture the 18th edition of BS 7671 as appropriate.

DoE has called on its customers to refer to the contents of the new version, highlighting that the 2020 edition can be accessed by downloading through the link on its website. The department pointed out that the regulations came into force on April 1, 2020, superseding those of the 2014 issue.

“The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy is constantly working to develop its regulations and upgrade the quality of its services, most notably in electricity wiring regulations, where the recent updates add to the Department’s efforts to enhance electricity services, and drive progress across the entire energy sector,” said Mohammed Hilal Al Zaabi Regulatory Affairs Executive Director in DoE.

“The amended version of EWR are key for enhancing the efficiency of electrical wiring, ensuring the highest rates of safety and efficiency, and providing quality services to all consumers in Abu Dhabi. Some Clauses have been modified in the new version after consultation with the relevant licensing authorities and stakeholders to reflect best practices and reduce the burden on all customers in the emirate, a goal we consistently strive to meet through our strategic plans,” added His Excellency.

The revised regulations in the new EWR update a number of clauses, most importantly the added note 2 to Clause 7.8.15, which allows residential villa owners to use of wall-mounted Distribution Boards. Distribution Boards rated 400A and above are required to be installed in a dedicated room, while Distribution Boards below 400A may be installed in a wall cupboard or other suitable enclosure, in accordance with approved procedures of the distribution company that ensure smooth access by inspection and maintenance personnel.

Regulation 2.2 (Definitions) has also been updated to include all definitions associated with Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment. EVSE (Part 13) of the 2020 edition includes regulations relating to ‘Final circuit,’ ‘Socket and connectors,’ ‘Isolation and switching,’ ‘Protection,’ ‘Labelling requirements,’ ‘Inspection, site testing and certification’ and ‘Provision of information.’ Based on consultations with Abu Dhabi City Municipality, the ‘Street Lighting’ Regulation 9.7, was replaced with ‘Roadway Lighting.’ To ensure consistency and alignment, the 2020 edition has captured particular updates from the British Standards and the International Electro Technical Commission. More updates on the reference tables and definitions have been captured in the 2020 edition.

According to EWR 2020, Enforcement procedures (Regulation 15.2) are amended to capture the enforcement powers conferred to DoE pursuant to Law No. (11) of 2018. All changes made in the April 2020 edition have been summarised in Section G11 in the new regulations.

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