Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE)’s participation at GITEX Technology Week 2021 includes showcasing the Department’s Energy and Water Consumption Heat Map Dashboard – a new tool designed to help customers and stakeholders assess the energy and water use of locations across Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

Designed in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, the dashboard enables users to determine the amount of energy and water consumed in specific areas, with access provided to all DoE stakeholders, including residential customers, building owners and energy managers.

“The Energy and Water Consumption Heat Map Dashboard is an important new tool that provides DoE stakeholders with the necessary awareness and information about electricity and water intensity in specific locations throughout Abu Dhabi and Al Ain,” said His Excellency Eng. Mohammad Juma bin Jarsh Al Falasi, Undersecretary of the DoE.

“The objective of the dashboard is to create a spatial visualisation of electricity and water use on the associated plots, sectors, areas, and regions and to track this use over time. Presenting information in a geospatial context in this manner provides clarity and accessibility, making the dashboard an important development for stakeholders keen to find out about how consumption patterns vary from place to place,” His Excellency added.

The Energy and Water Consumption Heat Map Dashboard has been designed to empower DoE customer groups in different ways. Residential customers can visualise the electricity and water use performance of plots and buildings and start opting for better-performing units; building owners will see if there is a need to upgrade their properties with energy and water efficient technology to increase their building’s performance; energy managers can take more targeted demand-side management actions for their projects and initiatives; and policymakers can better assess the impact of their energy and water efficiency policies and conservation measures.

DoE believes that the new tool will play a major role in implementing the Abu Dhabi Demand Side Management and Energy Rationalisation Strategy (DSM) 2030, which aims to reduce electricity consumption by 22% and water consumption by 32% within the next decade.

“The Energy and Water Consumption Heat Map Dashboard will be instrumental in helping to ensure Abu Dhabi’s energy sustainability over the next 10 years and beyond by rationing energy consumption and raising efficiency, enhancing energy security by reducing dependence on external natural gas, and protecting the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving water,” added H.E. Al Falasi.

DoE is participating at GITEX Technology Week 2021 under the umbrella of the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority. The event sees the Authority displaying several of its initiatives to ration energy and water consumption, including its Socioeconomic Module that is being showcased alongside the Energy and Water Consumption Heat Map Dashboard.

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