The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE) has launched a new ‘Use it Wisely’ awareness campaign focused on working with individuals and families in Abu Dhabi to conserve water and electricity and promote energy-efficient practices at home.

The initiative comes in response to a call from HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, to instil energy saving as a national culture that promotes the conservation of natural resources to support the country’s food and energy security strategies.


‘Use it Wisely’ is rolled out under DoE’s ‘Our Commitment – Our Nation’s Power’ campaign launched in April to highlight the energy sector’s commitment to protecting the community and the environment and to underline the sector’s pivotal role in ensuring a secure, safe and reliable supply of energy that enables continued business operation for all vital industries across the emirate.


The ‘Use it Wisely’ campaign aims to influence energy behaviour by building on the community’s commitment to supporting Abu Dhabi’s sustainability efforts and promoting the preservation of natural resources. Lower energy use will help create a sustainable society and a clean, healthy environment for future generations.


Meeting the UAE’s 2050 targets for a 70% reduction of the carbon footprint of power generation and 40% increase in energy consumption efficiency requires extensive changes in consumption behaviour of all residents. To stimulate the community to save energy at home, the ‘Use it Wisely’ campaign will rely on a socio-emotional approach that combines insights from behavioral change theories, innovative illustration of energy consumption and energy saving benefits, incentive mechanisms through competitions, and personalized energy saving tips.


The campaign will focus on awareness-raising activities as a short-term intervention that paves the way for launching a long-term, integrated energy behaviour change programme. The ultimate goal is to influence the energy behaviour of Abu Dhabi households towards reduced consumption, especially of energy that is needlessly wasted, and to encourage the practice of easy, yet critical sustainable choices, such as switching off lights when not in use, investing in LED lights, or only running full loads when washing clothes and dishes.


DoE Chairman, His Excellency Awaidha Murshed Al Marar, said: “Energy is essential to economic growth, social development and quality of life, and as such the future of the UAE depends, to a large extent, on sustainable energy. Through the ‘Use it Wisely’ campaign we aim to support our community by raising their awareness of practical energy concerns like the overall cost to consumers, operators and the environment, and by reinforcing energy-efficient behaviour.”


“Energy efficiency is a strategic priority for the transition towards a new energy era and enhancing it starts with individuals. Conscious and responsible use of energy at home has a direct impact on economic and energy security efforts that underpin Abu Dhabi’s sustainable development growth and ensure sustainable access to energy for future generations.” His Excellency added.


The Use it Wisely community awareness campaign aligns with Abu Dhabi Demand Side Management and Energy Rationalization Strategy which aims to reduce the emirate’s electricity consumption by 22 per cent and water consumption by 32 per cent by 2030.


His Excellency Al Marar added: “Our programme focuses on instilling energy efficiency as a culture and includes an emphasis on small, incremental shifts towards demand side efficiency; raising awareness among community members, especially the younger generation who will lead the charge of a greener energy system in the future; and promoting social wellbeing by creating a cleaner, healthier living environment.”


The Use it Wisely campaign will run across a range of media channels with a focus on DoE’s social media platforms on Instagram and Twitter. It will feature a number of digital engagement initiatives including energy saving awareness tips, animated videos and online competitions that promote efficient energy practice as a social norm and reinforce family ties and community solidarity. Individuals and families can stay up to date with the campaign activities by following DoE on Instagram and Twitter (@AbuDhabiDoE) and using the main hashtag #UseItWisely.

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