This is the home of energy certification in Abu Dhabi.

Climate change and carbon management is important to AD just as it is to the rest of the world.

AD like many other environmentally conscious nations, harnesses renewables energy based on Solar, Nuclear and is striving to use many other renewables sources.

This energy is being used by many industries, businesses and institutions that operate in Abu Dhabi and produce products. Some jurisdictions like the EU and UK and its buyers are demanding proof of how much renewable clean energy has been used to produce these products. And Abu Dhabi wants to deliver this need.

Now these industries and businesses can prove that their operations are greener by obtaining certificate of which source produces their energy  in AD.

These certificates can then form part of the business’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials of the organization consuming  this specific energy. It helps to showcase to their customers and employees that their products use clean energy. This is anchored in a benchmarked and audited usage claims related to GHG emissions from the generation of purchased electricity.

What's more is that these certificates operate within an International protocol based in the Netherlands and are registered with the I-REC standards. The International REC Standard (I-REC Standard) Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides a robust attribute tracking Standard for use around the world. These standards operate across the Middle-East, Asia, Africa and South America.

Who is involved and what gets done

“The I-REC Standard provides rules and best practices to market facilitators so they can offer electricity users around the world, evidence-based choices for procuring renewable energy…..”  

These standards and services provide facilities for tracking and claiming. “…ensuring the highest quality and adherence to best practices for the avoidance of double counting, double certificate issuance and double attribute claiming.”

Within the environment of the provisioning of certificates, it has the international standardization body, I-REC, and the local issuer and approver the Department of Energy. Both entities oversee the approvals and operation of the scheme. The registrant of the plants that produce renewables energy is EWEC. It is EWEC that identify the sources of renewable energy production (production devices), its capacities and its renewable credentials and register these with I-REC.  The Participants can be any trading company registered with the scheme.

After the energy has been produced at the source of renewable energy, the certificates are produced on request of the Participant and redeemed  by the beneficiary when the energy has been consumed.

To discover the I-REC standards {Link to I-REC using a new tab}

Where are these certificates valid

These standards have been applied within the market for electricity in Abu Dhabi and involve the production and consumption within the emirate.

How does it work

The purpose of the certificate is to prove to the final customer that a given share of energy was produced from renewable (clean) sources.


Who can get these certificates


And finally, the all-important Participants that request the certificates and beneficiary that redeem the certificates can be obtained by large and small corporates, developers, estate owners like hospitals, hotels and leisure facilities, schools and the general public.


How to get the certificates and FAQ

To find out how we have made it easy for business, industry and public to obtain these certificates and to claim your energy credentials…{ to involvement}

{to FAQ}



We have generated xGW in clean energy  We have provided XGW in certificate


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