Developing the energy sector has become a top priority on behalf of all residents of the UAE to strengthen their quality of life, and position the UAE as a regional and international leader in the diversification of clean & renewable energy. This is due to the insightful vision of our leadership and their full support for the innovative and inspirational initiatives to achieve sustainability of our energy sector.

H.E. Eng. Awaidha Murshed Al Marar

Objectives of the Department of Energy

  • Establish strategic initiatives that deliver sustainable development in the energy sector, and contribute to the economic and social growth of Abu Dhabi.

  • Plan Abu Dhabi's future energy requirements in accordance with its economic, environmental and social sustainability objectives, and in coordination with concerned authorities.

  • Achieve, maintain and promote the highest levels of customer service and quality

  • Play a leading role in the continuing development of Abu Dhabi's energy sector by working with government authorities and energy partners, in compliance with legislation and leveraging global developments in the energy industry.

  • Propose strategic and operational plans, including future projects and expansions for the UAE's energy sector, in coordination with the Executive Council.

  • Assist and support energy partners in implementing and adhering to the strategic and executive plans for Abu Dhabi's energy sector.

  • Develop a clear strategy for the future of the petroleum and mineral resources sector, and build awareness and understanding of the objectives within the local community.

  • Facilitate the effective and economic integration of power production sources, including renewable energy and nuclear power.

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