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Monitoring customer service standards

The Department of Energy monitors the standard and quality of customer services provided by the two electricity and water distribution and supply companies in Abu Dhabi Emirate - Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) and Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC), and Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company (ADSSC).

ADDC, AADC and ADSSC are required (under one of their customer-focused license obligations) to set out these guaranteed customer service standards in a written Code of Practice and ensure that Code is made freely available to all their customers. The Department of Energy approves this Code.

If the companies fail to meet any of the guaranteed customer service standards set out in the Code, they are required to pay to their customers varying amounts of monetary compensation (ranging from AED 50 to 1,000) by way of a financial penalty.

The companies must report monthly to the Department of Energy on their performance under each guaranteed service standard.

For any further questions about these guaranteed customers service standards please contact the relevant service provider:


Telephone: 800 2332


Telephone: 800 9008


Telephone: 800 23772

Disconnection Code

Under its License, the Distribution Companies are required to prepare a Code of Practice for Disconnection for non-payment of bills which sets out the policy and procedures for disconnecting water and electricity supplied to non-paying Customers.

(b) The Code has been prepared to meet the requirements of the License and has been expanded to cover the other most common reasons for disconnection of water and electricity by both companies.

(c) DoE recognizes that disconnection may cause inconvenience and disruption to Customers. For that reason, this Code sets out the practices to be followed to ensure that any reason for disconnection of water or electricity or both is valid and soundly based and the process is fair, open and transparent.

For more details about the Disconnection Code please refer to the companies website (,

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