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Energy is a crucial element, not only of industry and the economy,
but also of virtually every area of daily life.

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Regulation & Licencing

One of the major roles
of the Department of

The Department regulates and supervises the energy sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, in addition to ensuring the quality provided by the suppliers.

The Department is also responsible for issuing legislation to regulate and guarantee the secure supply to customers aligned with local and global levels of services. In addition, the Department is responsible for issuing licences to service providers and suppliers.

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    The Water Quality Regulation Reporting System (WQRRS) is a tool that provides a secure interface for submitting test results (for certain users) and managing and monitoring water quality data in terms of water quality parameters and compliance with Water Quality Regulations.


    The Production Data Submission and Reporting System (PDSRS) is a database that provides a secure interface for acquiring the operational data of water and electricity generation plants (for certain users) and for managing and monitoring the performance of the plants and the related operational data.

  • Company Registration

    An electronic registration system that catalogues suppliers in a commercial directory and allows companies that are registered with the DoE to work with the Department and its group companies.

  • Open Tenders

    The Department of Energy (DoE) and its group of companies launched the electronic tendering, which is a qualitative addition to the current systems used in supply management at the Department and its group companies.

  • Instant License

    Instant license is an e-Service license issued by DoE instantly with minimal requirements for individuals and companies to carry out one of the small scale regulated activity (self-supply)

Pioneering The Future

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Strategic Initiatives

Establish strategic initiatives that deliver sustainable development in the energy sector and contribute to the economic and social growth of Abu Dhabi.

Future Energy

Plan Abu Dhabi's future energy requirements in accordance with its economic, environmental, and social sustainability objectives while coordinating with the relevant authorities.

Service and Quality

Achieve, maintain, and promote the highest levels of service and quality.


Work with government authorities and partners to maintain compliance with legislation and to keep pace with global developments in the energy industry.

Operational Plans

Propose strategic and operational plans—including future projects and expansions—for the UAE's energy sector, in coordination with the Executive Council.

Energy Partners

Assist and support energy partners in implementing and adhering to the strategic and executive plans for Abu Dhabi’s energy sector.

Build Awareness

Develop a clear strategy for the future of the petroleum and mineral resources sector and build awareness and understanding of this sector within the local community.

Facilitate Resources

Facilitate the integration of power production sources, including renewable energy and nuclear power.

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